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Born in 1987, based in Taiwan.






2013-2016 Master in Artistic Production, UPV, Spain. 

2016 Exchanging student in Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM, Mexico.

2011-2013 Rembrandt Studio, Taipei, Taiwan. 

2005-2009 Bachelor of Anthropology, NTU, Taiwan. 


Main projects and exhibitions:

2023 20KM, North Coast Artist-in-Residence, TESA Creative Center, New Taipei City, Taiwan. 

2022 Landscape To Take Away, Artist-in-Residence, TESA Creative Center, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

2017-2023 Mural paintings: Taiwan, South Korea (art project invited by Baob’art), Mexico, China. 

2017 El Camino, solo exhibition in "I am not in my room", 15th Migration Music Festival, Taiwan. 

2016 El Camino, installation work for the final project of the master, UPV, Spain.

2016 Pedacitos, “Residentes”, collective exhibition, FAD, UNAM, Mexico.

2015 Paisaje, “PAM 2015”, collective exhibition, UPV, Spain.

2015 Paisaje Para Llevar, “Festival más pequeño del mundo”, collective exhibition, UPV, Spain.

2014 Lo Que Tiras Lo Recojo, “PAM 2014”, collective exhibition, UPV, Spain.

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